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A healthy body and a healthy mind are the building blocks of a happy, successful and fulfilled life. Of course, it is important to have access to health insurance wherever you are.

we will go through a few of the health insurance options in Mauritius. Hopefully we can help you save money and time comparing these insurances together.

We live in a world where insecurity is every corner of the street. This is why we allocate part of our monthly salary to several insurance companies: health insurance (yes, after all, we never know when we or a member of our family will get sick).

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SWAN health Insurance

SWAN Insurance was established in 1855, and is, at the moment of writing, the leading financial solutions provider in mauritius. SWAN Insurance provides a full range of non-banking financial solutions, from general insurance, life assurance, pension and actuarial insurance to wealth management for both corporate clients and individual costumers. The company also offers health insurance.

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Medical policy with SWAN

SWAN Insurance also offers health insurance to businesses. Health insurance offers your employees access to private medical care which would normally be out of their reach. Choose from different levels of cover to meet your budget and your employees’ needs. This is a crucial benefit for your employees, letting them know that you care for their well-being, and that they can get the care they need when they need it. SWAN offers personalized health insurance planning, covers treatment for major illnesses and treatment abroad and offers tax reliefs on premium plans.

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